Business Tax Returns

Small business tax return preparation and filing instructions is a core service offered to our clients. Whether your company is a C corporation, S Corp, Limited Liability Company, Partnership, Non-profit or Sole Proprietor a properly prepared tax return can be filed to minimize the tax owed. Over the years, 100's of small business Federal and State tax returns have been prepared for both service and manufacturing company clients. Today's tax laws are so complicated that unless your financial affairs are extremely simple, chances are you will benefit from at least occasional help from a tax professional. It's too easy to overloook deductions and credits to which you are entitled if you prepare only one return a year. Even the use of computer sofware is no substitute for the assistance of a year-round tax professional. We know what to look for when your return is prepared. Most importantly, you will have someone to answer your questions during the rest of the year. Whether you're a wage earner, an investor, a business owner, or all three; you should use the tax cutting benefits available in the tax law. There is little to be gained by paying more tax than the law demands.